Ramy Youssef Yaacoub, M.D.

Dr.-Ramy-Yaacoub - Urologist - Orange County, CA

Specialty: Kidney Stones and Kidney Disease

Associate Professor

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Dr. Yaacoub specializes in Stone Disease, Endourology, Urologic Oncology, Laparoscopy, and Robotic Surgery. He is an expert in the management of conditions like bladder cancer, kidney cancer, kidney stone disease, ureteric cancer, prostate cancer, and upper tract urothelial cancer and is skilled in the minimally invasive treatment of benign and malignant conditions.

  • Dr. Yaacoub has been a distinguished guest speaker in at national and international meetings
  • He is engaged in cutting-edge translational and clinical research
  • In addition to his research and clinical efforts, Dr. Yaacoub mentors medical students, residents and fellows in urology

Dr. Yaacoub’s translational research has helped to lead the discovery of prognostic biomarkers for bladder and kidney cancer. His research has also led to the development of tools to help urologists around the world make decisions regarding treatment.


Dr. Yaacoub completed his residency at the Urology and Nephrology Center in Egypt. He went on to pursue a fellowship in urologic oncology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Additionally, he completed a fellowship in metabolic stone disease, endourology, and laparoscopic and robotic surgery at Duke University Medical Center.

Roles & Memberships:

Dr. Yaacoub has received numerous accolades including the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Cancer-Related Poster from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the Merit Award from the 2013 Genitourinary Cancer Symposium Additionally, he earned First Place in Clinical Research from the Society of Government Service Urologists Meeting in 2014. Dr. Yaacoub is a member of the American Urological Association, the Society of Urologic Oncology, and the Society of Endourology.

He has contributed more than 70 published papers and multiple book chapters in scientific journals and is an expert reviewer for 13 national and international scientific journals. Dr. Yaacoub is also an invited expert at Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network meetings and has been a teaching faculty member in AUA-sponsored urology courses.

Medical School: Mansoura School of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt
Residency: Mansoura University, Egypt
Fellowship Training: Research Fellowship in Urology and Pathology, University of Southern California – Los Angeles
Society of Urologic Oncology Fellowship, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Stone Disease/Endourology/Laparoscopic/Robotic Surgery Fellowship in Urology Division, Surgery Department, Duke University Medical Center

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